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Today's Prayer with the Pope

March 2021
Daily offering: 

Pope’s Intention (evangelisation): Let us pray that we may experience the sacrament of
reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the infinite mercy of God.

A Daily Offering Prayer
Eternal Father, I offer you everything I do this day: my work, my prayers, my apostolic
efforts; my time with family and friends; my hours of relaxation; my difficulties, problems,
distress, which I shall try to bear with patience.
Join these, my gifts, to the unique offering which Jesus Christ, your Son, renews today in the
Grant, I pray, that, vivified by the Holy Spirit and united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, my life this day may be of service to you and your children and
help consecrate the world to you. Amen.

With Jesus in the Night
Thank you, O God
for everything that has happened today:
for the good things which have made me happy;
for the not so good things which have taught me
that I can’t always get my own way;
for successes, to give me happy times to remember;
for failures, to keep me humble;
for time at school, at games, with my friends
and in my own home.
And thank you for this minute with you.

This month's intention: